Project Description

A wide range of blood tests is available onsite, providing onsite diagnostics when required.

We also access outside laboratories for non-emergency and when more extensive testing is necessary.

Some of the many blood services offered are:

  • Blood Chemistry & CBC
  • Antifreeze Test
  • Parvo & Leukemia Virus Test
  • Blood Gas Analysis
  • Blood Typing
  • Electrolytes
  • Coagulation panel

Non-blood Tests are:

  • Urinalysis
  • Tonometry (Eye Pressure Check)
  • ECG (Electro Cardiography)
  • Blood Pressure (Doppler)

Other Diagnostics:

Abdominal and Cardiac Ultrasound: one of our doctors does ultrasound himself rather than calling any ultrasound specialist unlike most other vet hospitals. Due to this diagnostics, there are many critical conditions that can be diagnosed right away.

Full Body and Dental Digital X-Ray system: With the latest digital X-ray system, our x-ray pictures have been better and crispier than before which helps in better diagnosis. Our facility has modern computerized Digital X-ray machines which allow the highest quality diagnostic radiographs. The use of digital equipment allows fast interpretation and easily allows second opinions from radiologists offsite (Telemedicine). Digital copies of radiographs are available at discharge from the hospital. We can also email the images to Clients.

Endoscopy: This is a very important diagnostic tool that helps us to see inside the esophagus (Food Pipe), Nose, Trachea and Bronchioles, Bladder, and Vagina without surgically opening the patient.

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